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Jakarta (4/12/2015) - Drugs are very vulnerable to be used by youth in students age because that period is the moment when young people are enthusiastically looking for their identity and existence. Environmental factors is the most influential factor among the younger generation, which usually begins with the habit of smoking. That statement was stated by Chairman of the Advisory Board of Dharma Wanita Persatuan (Ladies Union) of State Intelligence Agency (DWP BIN), Triwaty Marciano, at the counseling for youth and students themed "The Dangers of Drugs For the Youth and The Prevention", held at the Assembly Hall of Soekarno-Hatta, South Jakarta, Sunday , 12th April 2015.

The counseling of drug abuse is intended to the students in various level, starting from elementary school to university students, who are sons and daughter of BIN officers in Kesatrian Soekarno-Hatta Complex.

Triwatty Marciano stated that the number of drugs user in Indonesia is increasing from time to time. That’s way, this counseling event is good to be conducted as the form of learning and supervising, as well as socializing the prevention of drugs among young generations. This event is also conducted to support the government program to fight against drugs.

Doctor Aisah Dahlan, The Head of Drugs Unit of Bhayangkara Indonesians Police Hospital and the founder of the same age friends community (Sahabat Rekan Sebaya) in her remarks explained abouth the brain damaged caused by drug use. The drug can ruin the limbic system of human, a system that controls the emotion. One of the examples of drug that is mentioned in the remarks is smoking as it leads somebody to addiction and stimulate the brain damage. Smoking is the entry point of drugs use.

“There are so many kinds of drugs, such as marijuana, opium, putau, ecstasy, alcohol, sabu-sabu, strawberry meth, benzo diazepam, LSD, glue, and so many others. Somebody who is mentally and physically addicted to drugs will get through ‘fly’ or in unconscious state, or drunk after consuming drugs,” said dr. Aisah Dahlan.
The complication that is suffered by the ex drug users are over doze, damage of body vital parts, mental complication, short term memory loss, losing confidence, and become a way to spread the virus of HIV, a virus that declines the body immunity, so it becomes vulnerable to any infection of disease.

At the end of the counseling program, dr. Aisah Dahlan told her story about the experiences of patiences who become the victim of drugs abuse. One of them is Bunga (fake identity). She is a young woman who has used drugs for about 17 years, started from the offer of her friends. The addiction effect of drug use is that she has to spend 2 million rupiahs per day simply to gain more drugs. Besides, the drug has already ruined her health condition as she is now positive suffering for HIV/AIDS virus. This way, she can’t give birth in a normal way and she can’t give suck her baby. Furthermore, she has to be put in rehabilitation unit to avoid the addiction of drugs. Up to now, because of her persistence, she can stay away from drugs and join the community of Sahabat Rekan Sebaya as a member.