Button Spy Cam

Jakarta (2/6/2015) – The world of intelligence can’t be separated with technology. In gaining the information briefly and quickly, Intelligence indeed needs the most updated technology products. One among others is Button Spy Cam, that is one of intelligence devices which has the button shape functioning to capture both picture and video.

Button spy cam is selected to become an intelligence device as shirt button is something that attaches to people in daily basis, thus it can camouflage in the outfit that people wear and doesn’t emerge the suspicion from human being. Nowadays, there are kinds of button spy cam supported with different specifications. Button spy cam is freely sold in market. 

Within the clandestine activity, button spy cam aims to support any surveillance activity, particularly in interview, seminar, or other significant activities. People will never feel suspicious to the intelligence officer as long as he acts naturally when using it.

Standard spec spy cam will result a video with 640x480 resolution and 30fps speed. The 4gb internal memory can save the record within 3,5 hours. The button spy cam battery is able to record video in 45 minutes. It needs charging if people want to record more. If an intelligence officer will record any moment in more than two hours, he’d better utilize more than 2 button spy cam so that he will not lose any important moment while waiting the other spy cam is being charged.
Some specs of button spy cam which are being developed at the moment as follows:
a.   Mini Size and Hidden under the Clothes 
b.   Video Recorder with Audio 
c.   Can be Used as USB Flash Memory Storage Device 
d.   Built-in Microphone Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery 
e.   Charge with USB Cable to PCNo driver is needed Brand New 
f.     Built in 4GB Flash Memory   
To use the button spy cam, all you have to do is by pressing the record button, then put the camera part ahead. The camera will automatically record anything happen radiated by censor ray. This device can also record audio. This simple interception device can be accustomed based on desire and the capacity of memory card used.
Button spy cam should not be abused to harm people even though it’s freely sold in market. The abuse of button spy cam refers to breaking the law that may cause penalty for the breaker.